The healthy & fast way to get a fast meal on the go
  • 5 Flavor Options
  • 15 seconds to make the shake
  • Healthy
  • Nutrisious
What is Shaker?
Shaker developed a unique technology, to bring to the world of health. With the continuous grow in the healthy living sector. We decided to combine health, technology and automation. This product is so unique there is not even a niche for it. This technology combines a new software created just for Shaker vending machines and a high tech engineering that will produce our complete line of healthy, cool and fresh shakes right in front of your customer. That works on its own. Whether you are a shopping mall, a business center or even a gym Shaker would be a perfect fit for you!
Shaker Machine
Fully automated! Just need to refill and clean for which we have a third party service you can hire so it is hands off.
Why even consider Shaker?
  • 1
    Break even point is less than 6 months
    Selling 30 shakes a day would pay for the price of the machine in just a few short months. Having high traffic is not even necessary the trend for a healthy option to fast food is growing exponentially and what could be better than a fresh and healthy shake?
  • 2
    Easy to setup
    After receiving your machine it takes less than 10 minutes to fully set it up. The user interface so simple a child is able to set it up.
  • 3
    Product Capacity
    Shaker includes 5 different containers that can be partially or fully refilled easily to produce multiple shakes every day.
  • 4
    Interactive software
    The Shaker software takes control of every step; from the payment to the product delivery. It shows the customer the product details (nutritional facts) and allows the buyer to select different formula combinations including the option to add a powerful energizer to their drink. As well as the technology that allows you to monitor your sales from any remote computer.
  • 5
    We are unique
    Since we created this original brand and product, Shaker is the first and only machine on the market with a complete line of healthy shakes. Our concept of fresh shakes is a unique concept that fulfills the needs of people that want to be healthy.
Why would people buy Shaker Shakes?
Shaker is the best way to have a natural meal, with all the benefits of fruits and vegetables all in just one drink. It contains high level of antioxidants from natural sources and whey protein isolate created with green technology processes. We are the only vending machine company to offer a premium line of healthy shakes that are made instantly.

Makes your life easier
Imagine having a complete and nutritious meal prepared and delivered to you in less than a minute. It seems hard to believe, but it is true. Our drink is made fresh and from scratch in just seconds. Enjoy a nutritious meal for half the cost and half calories then the typical meal on the go options available today…

Healthier options are popular
Thanks to whey protein isolate, our drink has the lowest fat content when compared to any other drink on the market. Just while standing in front of a BLINT shake vending machine, you are given 5 different flavor options that are each delicious and refreshing. Because we care, we have developed our formula with no added sugar, just the natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables. Yet, keeping a delicious taste.
Customers pay how as they wish
  • Cash
    The old-school way
  • Card
    The now norm
  • Apple / Android Pay
    The future
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